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My mum: that poor girl she has had two husbands before she’s even been fucked


Location: Sydney Airport, Sydney Australia.
Date/Time: 10 March 2014. 6:00pm approx.
Fucks given: Nil known.

Palmer disrupts that model, because he has simply bought his way directly to power. No wonder News Corp now despises him: Palmer makes Rupert Murdoch look like a quaint also-ran when it comes to influencing public policy. Palmer lays bare a key fact about our political system, that it is about protecting the interests of the powerful as much as, if not more than, protecting the interests of all Australians.

Moreover, Palmer has done this partly by portraying himself as an outsider. This is the most absurd falsehood. Palmer is the ultimate insider — a mining magnate and former luminary of Queensland’s National Party who entered politics himself only because the party he bankrolled, the Liberal National Party, wouldn’t take instruction from him.

Bernard Keane,

Anonymous asked: Keep calling the morons on their bullshit. I can't believe people would take a heartfelt admission on the struggles of being a carer and spit in that person's face. Carers, who almost always suffer from guilt, depression, anxiety, isolation, desperation. But I bet if anyone ever judged those moron's on their mental illness or disability, they would lose their fucking shit. We get it, the organisation is shitty. Nothing justifies being an asshole over someone admitting a weakness in a safe space.

Quite seriously… I needed this.

Cheers cunt. 



like seriously, andrew bolt got all upset and white ppl were disgusted when he got called racist on q&a, and they’re getting the abc to apologize to him, but u know not being able to shit all over aboriginal people was a infringement to free speech 

being called racist in apparently worse than suffering racism, thanks white australia 

This is fucking bullshit. I am still mad that they apologised to him. He is a racist and I will call him that as much as I please.

I’m furious they apologised, especially since the maggot never stops going on about free speech and how article 18c of the racial discrimination act is an infringement of free speech and we should be free to say whatever racist shit we want, but hold up if someone says something mean to me I’m
Going to cry because poor me.

I’ve never seen someone spew so much vile nonsense about how we live in a society of victims and then play the biggest sooky victim if all time.

Sooky bolt. Hypocrite extraordinaire


in case you were having any qualms about the whole twitter bomb thing— remember this video clip from a movie produced by Autism $peaks. It’s about a mum who talks about considering a murder and suicide with her and her Autistic daughter IN FRONT OF HER OWN DAUGHTER and saying that the “only reason” she didn’t do it was because of her ‘normal’ NT daughter. 

It’s called Autism Everyday.


reblogging for the nightly crowd. To reiterate; if any of you want to ask about autism, it’s fine. If any of you wanna support parents of children with autism, it’s fine. We are not attacking parents. We are attacking the grossly inaccurate and downright harmful portrayals of autism by allistic organizations, Autism $peaks in particular. 

Oh How quickly we retreat! Desperate to reclaim the moral highground. 

You lot talk some fucking rubbish, but this paragraph tops em all. 

Take this for example: “We are not attacking parents.”

Is that so? the only reference to Autism Speaks (a reprehensible anti-vaccination toting organisation of miscreants - you’ll have no arguments from me there) is “remember this video clip from a movie produced by Autism $peaks”.

The rest of your eloquent commentary is focused squarely on denigrating the WORDS of the woman who is making a terrible admission. An admission no parent ever wants to make, but one that is necessary to convey the desperation felt by under-resourced parents. 

While we’re at it, it amused me that you seem to think that shouting “I am autistic!” gives you some kind of moral authority to pass judgement on the words of parents. This is rolled-gold hypocrisy from the supposed proponent of a movement that seeks to ensure that “Ablesplaining" is stamped out

Definition of “Ablesplaining”: a patronizing explanation of any aspect of disability from someone who does not have the lived experience of being disabled. An “Ablesplainer“‘s opinion is often shared without request and with a grossly inflated sense of entitlement.

Wow. I’m pretty sure I could replace the word disability with parenting (disabled/a parent) in there but I won’t because it’s already pretty obvious that you are a hypocrite of the highest order. 


Bummer. You’ll have to make up some new shit to blog about. 

Whine all you want; you will never earn the right to silence or shame people who are so distressed, so desperate that they are willing to admit the most guilt-ridden thoughts any human could be inspired to have. We will continue to stand up to any vile scum-bag who needs to resort to shaming innocent people for thought-crime in order to feel better about themselves. I don’t give a shit what social strata you belong to. Makes no difference. 

See, its worrying isn’t it? When you believe that your status/gender/identity confers upon you the moral justification to spit on the defenceless, and someone stands up to you despite your deluded sense of moral superiority.

That’s why is SO important that you tie your comments to Autism Speaks, right? So that you can try to deflect any criticisms with “oh we’re just talking about this organisation”, while at the same time deliberately targetting people who have admitted a terrible secret about themselves in a public sphere and barely mentioning your target?  

This is cowardice. This is deception. This has no merit or moral value. 

LEts look at these gold nuggets from your followers:


Three things to know:

1: You can hear her “nonverbal” daughter in the background ask mommy, what’s going on?

2: In case anyone ever tries to tell you they’ve changed: A$ released another video this year where a mother says she doesn’t ever want to leave her son in someone else’s care because sometimes want to kill him, how will theynot?

3: There have been over 40 murders of disabled people by their parents in the last five years. There were 3 last month.

Again, the only reference to Autism Speaks I can see in there is about how they released the video. Most of the commentary is, again, directed to heaping shame upon women and parents, including the most heinous, disgusting claim of all: ensuring a clear linkage is created between parents who have murdered their children, and parents who are expressing their emotional distress. 

Well done. You know what you’ve done there. Fuck all. You’ve made no argument, convinced no one, and made yourself look discompassionate.

Thumbs up.


Think. Admitting to the desperation of these thoughts is a courageous act.


Only when it’s done by a neurotypical, appearently. Wow! You’re a douche bag!

I just wanted to draw attention to the ridiculousness of the kind of shit your followers and the poisonous community you have created say to your opponents (it’s AWESOME by the way, keep it coming guys). 

It demonstrates a deep awareness of the poor state of your moral position when you have to deliberately twist words in a sentence, so much so that your sentence doesn’t even make sense! Remarkable. 

Yet another gem:

This woman may be “struggling”, but that can’t even compareto the struggles of this child, who suffers at the hands of not even just her peers, but from her own mother, who’s supposed to be her protector, who’s talking to a bunch of strangers about wanting to kill her.


a) How the fuck would you know what struggles compare what? 

Like I said, your whole movement is predicated on the idea that you should not make bold, entitled claims about people you know nothing about. 

b) if you can’t see the significance of a mother humbling herself by admitting those thoughts, you need to stop commenting on the issue. You’re doing your cause ALOT more harm that good. 


have you ever stopped to think how hard this is for the people who are on the spectrum?

If this is a rebuttal to my criticism of your attack on struggling women, it’s the greatest intellectual “own goal” I’ve ever seen. 

If, in order to preserve your right to degrade suffering parents, you need to constantly divert the discourse to how hard it is for people who are on the spectrum, you have ALREADY LOST YOUR OWN ARGUMENT.

It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference that the woman is speaking on behalf of a reprehensible organisation. As I said in my initial post: I have heard hundreds of parents confess their devastation at have had these thoughts, beg for forgiveness for their own thoughts and hers a newsflash: 

It’s not all about YOU. 

Wow! Amazing isn’t it?

These thoughts are experienced by parents for a range of reasons. One of these (and the most important) is the parents deep sense of devastation for their children and for a sense of guilt that they have somehow hindered their child’s opportunities in life. 

The thoughts DO NOT (as your reprehensible followers deliberately implied) mean that the parent:

a) had these thoughts because of the childs behaviours

b) had these thoughts because of the childs poersonality

c) had any intention of acting on these thoughts. 

Admitting to these thoughts are expressions of guilt for having wronged their own children simply by thinking horrible thoughts. 

So you can disband the thought police. You’re attempts to shame people for their feelings will not go unopposed. 

Its the same as all the other bollocks that’s coming into my ask box from other morally bankrupt individuals. I havent heard a decent argument yet against my argument. You have, in fact,  strengthened my position by revealing your own moral questionability.

Like all special interest groups, you are more interested in death threats than any actual discourse about the issue, which I can only assume means you cant think of anything to support your point. 

Keep the death threats coming by the way, I haven’t had this much fun since I spent the afternoon winding up Tumblr libertarians. 

boldly-we-go asked: Hello, you're an allistic arse and I've detailed why in a reply to your reblog of my post. Have a nice day!

Oh there’s something in the post for you. 

I’ll let you know when its done. 


Anonymous asked: You're a waste of space.


Nice glasses, BTW.







Tony Abbott Questioned by Newtown High Students

The fact that a group of year 9 students can blunder the countries PM is pretty telling.

Tony abbot from living under his own ears

Female Student: “Why are you so against legalizing gay marriage?”
Abbott: “I’m all for people having loving permanent relationships”
Female Student: “Becaise I have a lot of friends who are gay and it’s sad to think they can never get married just because they’re attracted to the same sex.”
Abbott: “I see where this is going. Can we have a blokes question?” 

"Why do you think following in Howard’s footsteps and turning back asylum seekers is a good idea?"
Abbott: “Do you know how many boat people drowned last year-“
"Too many!" 

Abbott: “I’ll allow one more question”
Student: “Do you know it’s a human right to seek aslyum in another county?”
Abbott: [laughs] “That’s the same question as before. Another question!”

Just wanna say all these students cheered their peers when they asked these questions, and Abbott had nothing to say. 

These kids were, what, 16? And yet I’d trust them running my country more than this dibshit. 

#actually year 9’s are 14 or 15#so even more of a point#he got fucking slayed by a bunch of 14 year olds

Let’s have a blokes question…LETS HAVE A FUCKING BLOKES QUESTION!? No matter how many times you say you aren’t sexist, it’s little gems like this that prove you are.

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